Friday, November 8, 2013

Today's Rants and Raves!!!

RANT:  The following is a "teaser" headline from a monthly trade publication's online newsletter, promoting the editorial.  Meaning, it was written by the editor of the publication, which I find horrifying.  I have added the italics.

"As more fitness professionals enter this industry and remain committed to excellence we will continue to up-level industry standards and have a greater impact on our clients and on the greater society."

Somebody enlighten me.  Are commas still included on contemporary computer keyboards?  My computers are a little over 5 years old, dinosaurs by modern standards. 

Has anyone heard of the word, "up-level?"

Am I naive to assume that possessing some writing acumen is a desirable qualification for a magazine editor?

                                    ---and now for something completely different---

RAVE:  I love my profession.  I encountered one of the members of the intermediate half marathon training program yesterday at the Savannah Rock And Roll race expo, and she hugged me tight and thanked me up and down for helping her prepare for the race.  Chills and goosebumps and gratitude, through and through. That is an event to be forever cherished.  When I was a marketing professional, none of my clients hugged me and loved all over me like that.  Not one. ;-) 

And so it came to pass that it was Friday before the Saturday marathon. And they did hydrate well, and rested their legs as marathoners ought do. And they did foam roll and stick with gentle passes over those rested legs which they had trained, tapered, and then rested so well. And they did consume much the same foodstuffs and beverages as they usually did on the Friday before a long Saturday run was upon them. And their fears were thus calmed, and they trusted their training, for their hardships were behind them, and the glory and the oh-so-holy-fun-fun-party-time-race-day was before them. 

And there was much rejoicing.

To the Renegade Posse, to the C.R.E.W.mates, to our friends with Savannah Stryders and Pacers and all the unaffiliated running-afflicted athletes in Savannah:  We running coaches salute your dedication, determination, and achievement. Really, you've already overachieved, even though the race awaits. 


Go forth and ROCK thine race. 

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