Saturday, November 23, 2013

So wait, did I tell you about the time...?

So we, my client and I, are standing in the weight room going over the finer points of a stretch. And a physical therapist who is walking by spots us, or me rather, and says, "Can I ask you something about running? Because I know you run a lot. So I'm having trouble with shin splints...." 

Continuing on in the middle of what is obviously my client's training session, he elaborates on the circumstances of his shin splints and asks if I have any treatment tips. My client nods for me to go ahead. So I tell him to ice them after a run, to stretch his calves well daily, and to strengthen his anterior tibialis to balance the posterior strength in his calves.  

And he strolls away with a hearty, "Thanks!" 

And my client and I stand there looking at each other with our mouths hanging open. So I say, "Did that just happen?" And she says, "Shouldn't he know that?" And I say, "Well, yeah, he should." And she says, "That was weird." And I say, "Well, yeah, it was."

I saw him in the parking lot a few weeks later and asked how his shins were feeling.  He said he was doing the exercises and the shins were much better. Isn't that great?

Be Well!!

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