Thursday, November 14, 2013

Time to Run Better

There is nothing like a big ol' race to set you to reflecting upon what motivates you.

The Savannah Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and 1/2 Marathon came (after 20 weeks of training, thank you very much) and went last weekend.  It was a terrific day for all our trainees, who completed the marathon and half marathon races with flying colors and huge smiles!  I finished with a time which made me very happy, because I felt very good and strong and light on my feet most of the half marathon distance. And it made me feel like I could have pushed myself faster. I think I would prefer that my next racing challenge, instead of a return to the marathon distance, be a finish time closer to my PR. I don't expect to meet or break my best half marathon time, over a decade after setting it, 20 minutes under my current happy pace. But I know I can knock 10 or 15 minutes off my current pace. I even know HOW I can knock that time down :-)

And I've been hearing from all these other runners around me that they'd like to learn how to get faster and more efficient at their running.

So with no further ado I present to you, The Peak Running (PR) Challenge!

CustomFit Peak Running ("PR")Challenge

Now that the Rock 'n' Roll is complete, have you found yourself wondering "what now…???"  Do you catch yourself asking whether you could run a bit faster?  A bit better?  Well, we have the answer:  CustomFit's Peak Running Challenge ("PR" Challenge)CustomFit has the distinct honor of partnering with Jane Ogle (“Hurricane Jane”) to bring you this program, which is specifically designed for those of you who are currently running but seek more.  Perhaps set a “PR”??  Whatever your goal, we have the road map to help you.

In order to run "better" we must move better, which means improving core strength, balance, mobility, stability, and coordination.  Each participant will receive an individualized program based on the FMS (Functional Movement Screen).  Each week we will cover drills and exercises designed to improve each component of your running.  We will pair you up with a Buddy to help keep you accountable through the holidays and, before you know it, you will be running AND moving more fluidly and efficiently. JUST in time for the Tybee Run Fest, leaving the competition wondering what you did since the Bridge Run to get better!

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Our “PR” Challenge will begin Saturday, December 14 and run (get it? "run") through January 25th, 2014. Six weeks of focused and intense training with one purpose in mind: to get you running better.  Instead of caving to slothful holiday behavior, you will be motivated and working toward improving your runs.  Call it stealth training if you wish, this is the real deal if you want to discover your potential.

This program is not a “how to” run program.  We won't hold your hand.  You will be expected to keep up your current running and add the drills and exercises we present weekly.  We will meet as a group on Saturdays and Tuesdays and you and your "buddy" will help each other stay accountable during the remainder of the week.

If you are serious about getting serious, you cannot miss this opportunity.  Regardless of whether you plan to run Tybee, participating in The PR Challenge will give you the building blocks of better running for the long run (yuck, yuck).  Spaces are limited so sign up now.  Do it early and get an “early bird special”.

Here are the details:

  • Early Bird Registration: November 14-November 29      $175.00
  • General Registration: November 30 - December 11         $189.00
  • FMS Screening: December 12, 13 (times TBA)
  • First Group Workout: Saturday, December 14, 7:30am SHARP
  • Group Workouts: Saturdays 7:30am and Tuesdays 6:30am (this is subject to change, based on consensus of group

To register now, click here (open the "events" tab).   Got questions?  Email Nancy ( or Jane (  Or, if you prefer, pick up the phone.  Talk to Jane at 912-247-9500 or Nancy at 912-441-4891.

There's always room for improvement :-).  Be Well!

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