Sunday, October 27, 2013

Have a Seat

It was 1987. My previous professional position required a lot of walking, from office to office, bringing research materials or article drafts or photo proofs from here to there. Through halls and tunnels, up and down stairs, around and around the concourse of State office buildings. I also walked the half mile from my apartment to my office.

Then I got a job with a small, non-computerized advertising agency, a 25 minute drive from home.  I was responsible for typing/transcribing/filing/researching/ media-buying/estimating/copywriting/article writing. The desk was my ball-and-chain. Boy, my butt spread like THAT (sound of fingers snapping).

Fast forward to 2013.

So, have a seat at this machine in front of this gi-nor-mous TV and do your exercise. It'll be great for you, just like the brochure says.  Don't you love the fancy graphics with the light-up display of the muscle groups you're working?

Have a seat. Doesn't really matter if your gluteals completely shut down during this exercise. You only really need them if you intend to walk upright, ambulate, or play golf. Or tennis. Or ski. Whatever. Doesn't matter if you can't put your head back on the bench because of a lifetime of poor posture. Doesn't matter if your core musculature is largely disengaged. Doesn't matter if there is absolutely NOTHING you do in real life that requires you to press two pads way out to the side against resistance in a seated position. Doesn't matter if you think about your movement or feel your body's response here, just have a seat.

You say your back and your legs hurt when you've been sitting down too long? Well, by all means, have a seat and exercise.


Stand up, if you can -- and Be Well!

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