Monday, November 25, 2013

To Run Better, You Need Something More

The early-bird deal -- and let's face it, this is the season for deals -- expires on November 29.

The Custom Fit Peak Running Challenge is a 6 week program. So what's it about, you ask?

It's about running faster. You want to run faster?  You've got to run better.  And to run better, you need something besides more running.

It's about getting in touch with your muscle balance. You have a dominant side... everyone has a dominant side... but it may be pulling you out of alignment and increasing your risk of injury when you run and train. We can assess that and help you correct it.

It's about improving your posture and breathing.  Better posture and breathing leads to more muscular energy, and less muscle tension and fatigue when you run.

It's about stabilizing areas which need stability, and mobilizing areas which need flexibility. For instance, core stability combined with shoulder, hip, and ankle mobility enhance your running performance. You will feel better while running and recover faster from intense running efforts.

It's about strength. Aging is inexorably linked to an overall loss of muscle mass. Endurance activities, like running, do not prevent this muscle loss. Strength training builds muscle. In addition, speed requires power and power requires strength. You can run faster with more muscle.

Here again are the key details:
  • Early Bird Registration: November 14-November 29      $175.00
  • General Registration: November 30 - December 11         $189.00
  • FMS Screening: December 12, 13 (times TBA)
  • First Group Workout: Saturday, December 14, 7:30am SHARP
  • Group Workouts: Saturdays 7:30am and Tuesdays 6:30am (this is subject to change, based on consensus of group) 
To register now, click * here * (open the "events" tab).   Got questions?  Email Nancy ( or Jane ( Or, if you prefer, pick up the phone.  Talk to Jane at 912-247-9500 or Nancy at 912-441-4891.

Be Well!!

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