Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ready for Change?

My client's name is Monica**.  She comes in with either her mom, her dad, or her caretaker every Monday and Wednesday, every week.  Her parents, David and Jill, are very caring and concerned, and they include their 41 year old daughter in nearly everything they do.  The wheelchair doesn't stop them from much of anything.

Monica uses a wheelchair.  Her disorder is progressive and degenerative, so over time it's become evident that everything from expressing herself to holding her posture upright is more difficult to manage.  Every muscle from her jaw to her ankles is fighting her.

Still, she comes to the fitness center and I guide her through a couple of sets of about 8 different exercises.  Some of them in a standing position, even.

Monica's eyes are sometimes distant, other times focused.  She has to work at holding her head up so you can see her smile.  It's always worth the effort.

In the middle of a set of chest exercises, while I was down at her eye level, I told her how pleased she should be with her earlier set of standing exercises.  Her alignment and balance were particularly good today, I told her.  She looked me straight in the eye and smiled while she responded, "That makes me very happy."

"Good, because it's good for your body and everything else, so I'm glad it makes you happy!"

Monica makes an extraordinary effort to keep moving.  We don't know how much longer she will be able to keep doing it.  But as long as she can, she will.

And if Monica can make an extraordinary effort, well, I know there are more than a few people reading this who have over twice Monica's ability and less than half her obstacles standing in the way of having a healthier, fitter way of life.

If you can hear this message, if you are ready to create positive physical, mental, and emotional change through movement, I wanted to share the inspiration named Monica with you.

** Names have been changed, but it's a true story.

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