Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let's Get Started!

I have some archiving to do here.  Been blogging under a different URL for over a year now, but I am going to repost each of those previous blogs here and rebuild my archive for you, so all my compelling ;-) thoughts are easy to find in one location.  A little minor editing, and away we go!

Welcome!  I invite you to discover a state of well-being, where everybody wants to move!  Within these borders (all puns intended) you will find very do-able ideas, strategies, education and tools you need to feel better, perform better, get healthy, and adopt Optimal Fitness into your everyday life!

First Question… I look forward to answering lots of your questions, by the way… Who Needs a Personal Trainer, Anyhow?

What if I told you that you can boost your energy and your sense of well-being, and feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life in your own skin?

What if I shared the training “secrets” with you that health and medical experts around the country agree would be the very best prescription for your health?  If they could put it in a pill, it would be a top seller, for sure!

I don’t actually use “secrets,” I use readily available research-based recommendations which are safe and which get great results!  It’s just that I have devoted a lot of time and education to developing motivating ways to put all this research into practice.  And I don’t want to keep this education to myself.

I often hear people say, “It’s amazing how good I feel…” and then, “…my bloodwork from the lab came back so much better, it’s like magic!”

Is it a miracle?  A true blue spectacle?  Well, no.  I’m sorry, in a way, that your expectations of the great effects of fitness are so low, because there’s nothing magic about it.  Exercise Is Medicine®.  The American College of Sports Medicine, providers of the gold standard for fitness and sports education, have registered that slogan because it gets attention, and it’s so true.

Maybe you’re like Kevin, a busy professional with a long-term back problem who wanted to be able to play with his young kids, pain free and with plenty of energy.  Maybe you’re like Charlie, who wanted to complete his first marathon at age 60, and did it without injury!  Then again, perhaps you’re like Lenore, who wanted to reduce her dependence on medication to treat her diabetes.  That’s right, she did (with her physician’s approval).  Or Daniel, who wanted to reduce his sleep apnea symptoms, and improve his posture, and lose weight, and reduce his blood pressure medication.  A few months later, his sleep study readings had so improved, he was nearly in tears.

Why?  He was overwhelmed that he had it in himself to make those changes, with a little help from his trainer.

So if you are overdue for a visit to the state of Optimal Fitness, climb aboard right here and let me be your tour guides. If you’ve never been to visit before, or if you haven’t been lately, or if you know there’s new terrain to see but you just aren’t sure how to get there…then you need a personal trainer!

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