Saturday, April 9, 2016

Run and Register by April 11 for PR Challenge

Wow. I guess it's been pretty busy in Janeland for the last 25 months or so.

Where do I invest my time and energy, anyway? As a personal trainer, I work five (occasionally six) days a week at The Landings Club Oakridge Fitness Center on Skidaway Island, and also at CustomFit Center in downtown Savannah. At CustomFit I also wear the hat of running coach when I conduct my six-week Peak Running Challenge program.

Learn more about the PR Challenge and register for the next session here:

The benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle are my fuel, my breath, my everyday life. I enjoy sharing what I have learned and experienced in almost 30 years of fitness education, and I also enjoy learning what's new in exercise and nutrition sciences.

Someone I have believed in for the past dozen years or so is Dr. Mark Hyman. He has presented great research and very healthy recommendations under a number of different titles, such as "UltraPrevention," "UltraMetabolism," and now the latest, "Eat Fat/Get Thin." Whatever he chooses to call it, his nutrition and exercise recommendations are designed to help you clear toxicity from your system. We are all over-exposed to toxic air/soil/water/food/drugs. We are paying the price. And to the extent that we can control and reduce that toxic load we are carrying around, we should.

This week, after discussing these options for 5 or so years, one of my clients (let's call her Gwen) finally took on the challenge of an elimination diet. How do you know if your diet is contributing to your allergies? Arthritis and joint pain? Reflux or gut discomfort? Sleep disorders? Hormonal imbalance? For seven to ten days, you eliminate the foods which are most likely to trigger sensitivities, namely: Gluten (from wheat and other grains), corn, peanuts, dairy products, eggs, and soy products.

Gwen stopped taking her over the counter pain killers and her allergy medication and took the plunge. And after a week, her vertigo is gone. She can open and close her fingers without getting stuck from her arthritis. Achy achy achy mornings have subsided. And she lost five pounds, which she's been trying to do forever.

This is anecdotal evidence. But I've seen this happen first hand so many times...

Now what? Now after a week or so you can add ONE of those foods back to your system. If you experience no ill effects within a day or two, good. Consider it a non-trigger. And if you do feel cognitive/digestive/congestive/bloat symptoms, you have found a trigger and you need to avoid it to feel and be better. Introduce one of the foods back every 3 days and you'll find your triggers.

OR...  To experience whole new level of expert hands-on, informative and affirming clean nutrition support, get in touch with the wonderful Nancy Maia at CustomFit Center in downtown Savannah and enroll in CustomClean, the most innovative detox program, ever. This program will not only help you cleanse, but will teach you about your body and give you the tools to keep it clean. You won't drink concoctions, starve on lemon water, or see any number of other "methods" that are impossible to maintain long-term and can even be downright dangerous. She will individualize your program to make it perfect for you - no thanks, cookie-cutter approaches. CustomClean will leave you lean, clean, and feeling better than you imagined possible. Connect with CustomClean and Nancy via:

OR... you can stay home and invest in a program Dr. Hyman will start at the end of April. It costs more than a book or an article but you can enjoy a level of feedback and accountability that has a ton of value built in. I also never recommend supplements without having demonstrated deficiencies, and I am delighted to point out he offers a No-supplement version of this program. Check it out here:
Let me note, I don't get a kickback from CustomClean or Dr. Hyman.

That's a whole lot of program information. But it's not really TMI, is it? Be back to blogging soon - here's to more communication :-)

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