Friday, September 7, 2012

The Night Before a Long Run

Tomorrow is a Saturday.  Every Saturday morning since the first of June, we coaches of CREW and our dear CREWmates have rolled up and at 'em to start our weekly long run at 6:00am.  We will continue this ritual (including Tuesday morning speedwork and Thursday morning tempo runs) until the Savannah Rock 'N' Roll marathon on November 3rd.

It really craps up our Friday night social lives.

But I digress.

In Janeland, Fridays are for cross training.  The farther we get into the training season, the harder it is to keep up with cross training.  A general sense of malaise sets in as the miles pile up and the fatigue in your legs complicates your ability to climb the stairs to your second floor apartment.  I know! It's only the second floor!  Pathetic.

But for some reason I cannot explain, I like running when I'm sore from the previous day's workout.  Racing when sore is even better. 

She's not normal, you say.  Never claimed to be, say I.

So here's a slice o' my life, today's home workout routine.  Routine is the wrong word for it, as this implies that I performed the same exercises earlier this week or this month.  I do different exercises all the time and I don't happen to keep records of my workout choices for myself the way I do for my clients. 

Always start with stickwork/myofacial release on thighs/calves/traps/low back.

TRX today!  I LOVE this thing.  Usually I combine TRX movements with stability ball and dumbbell exercises for my resistance training, but I beat myself up pretty well earlier this week with some combination of things like that.  Today it's a more streamlined approach. 

All TRX:

Jump squats 20x
Suspended lunge 15x
"I-T-Y" combo for upper back/shoulders 21x
Push up-chest flye-lat reachover for chest/shoulders 21x
Standing side facing twists 20x
Rear plank pull up wide grip 6x
Bicep curl 15x
Tricep extension 15x
Front plank suspended knee curl/side curl 20x
Supine hip bridge/leg curl 20x

One set.  Ordinarily I would do two sets, but it was getting late and I had to get dinner ready.  Now it's time to hit the hay.

I think I'll be sore tomorrow.  :-)

Be Well.

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