Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fit and Thin Are Not The Same

From all walks of life, from people of all ages, I hear the statement, the question, the judgement:  That people who are large, or fat, or stout, or "zaftig" -- whatever the heck -- are unhealthy, unfit, worse still, unworthy in some intrinsic or even moral way.

Can obesity be unhealthy?  Certainly, when obesity is associated with a lack of regular exercise.  But not always so please, don't assume it -- research conducted by Steven Blair at the Cooper Institute for Aerobics, by Glenn Gaesser  at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and David Levitsky at Cornell University demonstrates that fitness is attained regardless of weight.  I once hired a woman fitness instructor who was easily over 200 pounds to lead classes in my studio.  Boy, was she fit for the job... she was an energetic and engaging teacher, her choreography was fun and flowing, she was more flexible than I could ever dream of, as she had been a gymnast in high school.  And her classes were packed with people.  Yes, people of all sizes.

Inactivity is the problem.  Being overfat isn't a cause of disease if you are active.  Being "normal-weight" and inactive, or underfat and inactive, is just as hazardous to your health as being overfat and inactive.  "Oh, you're thin, you don't need to exercise." Rubbish.  Everyone needs to exercise, because it's vital to your overall health.

It'd be nice to see people who are comfortable in their own skin, regardless of how much skin they're in, and for people to be more comfortable with each other about it.  Yes, even on the beach at Tybee.  It'd be nice to hear people talking about quality in and quality out, feeling better from the inside out with healthy food choices, healthy activity, and a healthy outlook on life, whatever size they are.  Not hating their friends for being thinner than they are, as if thin = better person or thin = happiness.  Have you found yourself feeling sorry for someone who's big... and feels good about it?  Maybe it's not delusional to be big and happy.

That's my opinion, sorry if I'm getting preachy but hey, it's my blog and I'll preach if I want to --preach if I want to -- pre-e-e-e-eeach if I want to! :-D

On a lighter note, Red Hot Mama Sophie Tucker had her own reasons for being happy just the way she was... Enjoy:

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