Friday, January 14, 2011

Staying Active-It's Not Just for Physical Therapy Month Anymore!


October was National Physical Therapy Month.  As part of Spine & Sport’s observance there were regular Facebook postings encouraging family-oriented physical fitness and wellness activity.  There is no longer any doubt, at least from a research-based health perspective, that exercise is medicine.  Movement has a healing effect on all of the body’s systems.

There is no such thing as a perfect month of the year, nor day of the week nor time of the day for that matter, to get moving.  There may be optimal times in your schedule, or when the weather is particularly nice.  But I encourage you to increase your daily activity, the time spent on your feet pumping your legs.  And I beg you to incorporate at least 2 or 3 days per week of vigorous exercise or sport into your life.  It will improve the quality of your life, your outlook on life, and the spring in your step.  Do it with your family and you will instill in your children a lifelong appreciation for play, sport, and the amazing capabilities of their bodies.

Example from Trainer Jane’s life story:  My father jogged 3 times or more a week, beginning in the early 70’s, right around the time Nike sneakers first became widely available.  I chose to go with him to avoid doing chores around the house, I’ll admit it.  Since I wasn’t particularly good at any of the sports my brothers participated in, it was something special my Dad and I could enjoy together.  Although I fell out of the habit in my teens, there came a time in my life when I wanted to get active again and the nostalgia I felt for running brought me back.  And I have since had the distinct honor of teaching dozens of others to enjoy running, anywhere from 2 to 26.2 miles.  Thanks, Dad.

Here is a wonderful fitness event in which the whole family can participate.  It’s Savannah’s Annual Turkey Trot.  If you are in town on Thanksgiving morning, this is the place to be seen, my friends!  Here is the website link for more information:

It’s got everything from a Diaper Dash to a walk to a 5K run.  It’s good for you and your loved ones and for the local chapter of the United Way.  It’s a perfect way to build a hearty appetite for the traditional Thanksgiving feast (as if anyone needs helps with that).  For you turkey eaters, it’s the perfect balance to the tryptophan-feuled lethargy you’ll experience after the big meal!  If you plan on giving back to the community even more that day by volunteering to deliver Thanksgiving meals or staffing a food pantry feast, the Turkey Trot will get your legs and lungs all primed and ready for the good work to follow.

Oh, yes, and I just happen to specialize in helping people finish 5K runs.  Doesn’t this sound like a fun goal?  No, it is not an oxymoron to refer to a run as fun.  Just try it, you’ll gain a whole new perspective on the holiday season and on having an active lifestyle your whole family can enjoy.

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